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People before profit stands for a better society where people have more say and its not based on the profit motive.

Between 1990 and 2005 Indonesia has lost 28 million HA of its rainforests , having only 88 milllion left, just under half of its land mass . This is less than the amount brazil has lost. Its driven by wealthy countries desire and ability to buy products that we want because we don’t have the resources. In Indonesia its things like beauty products and frying that use palm oil, and kwila trees cut down for garden furniture (most of which is illegal and sold in stores here in NZ).

In brazil 80% of land deforested ends up as beef farms. The land tenure system there means that if you clear and use it, it becomes yours even if it was indigenous peoples land

Not only thousands of species lost and indigenous peoples lands are lost, this area is important because they are the largest remaining tracts of tropical rainforest in the world . They are are the lungs of the world , our fresh oxygen supply. Brazil is more threatened because its rain fall doesnt originate from the ocean it is self sustaining and is now said to be approaching tipping point where much more deforestation will turn it into a desert

Our food production is not sustainable , it relies on fertizer input , one element of NPK comes from natural gas, Intensive farming uses huge quantities of energy mainly in the form of oil, 10kj of energy for every 1 produced. There are tar sands in canada they have started mining because of the huge oil reserves, more energy used than extracted which doesnt makes sense until you put it in dollar terms. Farming pollutes the waterways and local councils are slow to make farmers accountable because they produce money for the economy. It consumes huge quantities of water taking it from other users and lowers the water table salting the surface making useless for growing

Not all oil is taken by a nice clean oil platforms, lots of it is taken from third world countries by their governments agreement but it destroys the local peoples livelihood like the ogoni people in niger where resistence is met with death Theres mountains of rubbish in the oceans and going in our tips and that’s nither environmental or efficient.

While some scientist still disagree with man warming the planet the majority say we are thru fossil fuel burning and farming. , There is unilateral agreement that it is warming and that this will bring severe weather patterns. And nobody knows how this is truly going to effect our future rainfall and crucial water supply.

Theres mountains of rubbish in the oceans and going in our tips and that’s not environmental or efficient.

We rely on cheap oil and coal for energy and consume so much we are at peak oil now and expected to be at the end of it by2050 but it wil be to expensive to buy before then. Coal will last longer but they both produce carbon and plenty of toxins as byproducts of being burnt.

We are constantly told that we need to grow the economy , what has all this growth got us , busier motorways and beaches, faster more stressful lifestyles. More crime , more suicides and a less friendly place to live. We produce 3 times more goods per man hour than 60 yrs ago but we don’t get paid anymore or get to work less , in fact we now usually have to work more just to pay for things.

America which has been the strongest economy and has been propping up the world is close to decline, having run its course on exploiting other countries for money and resources and over extended itself financially in Iraq

So we have ecological disaster, resource disaster , humanitarian disasters and dissatisfactions world wide and now we have a financial crisis.

Our money system is based on borrowing money to create it but then the debt and interest has to be paid back so more growth is required.

They all stem from the same issue of having to produce and consume more (not necessarily better) goods just to keep the economy going yet we realize to keep doing that is impossible. We have allowed market speculators in shares, property and futures to create an artificial economy bubble that has just burst.

National party leader John Key came from that background and between them and Act they want to get the economy going again by more privatization and reducing the RMA effectiveness

None of the things we truly value involve material possessions or money. Studies have shown that beyond a certain level low level of income money does not bring any more happiness. Other studies have shown that man is generally ultruistic

Our western societys are based on a free market, competition and the right to make a profit and keep it and the assumption that the market will decide and correct problems, yet the first accredited economist, Adam Smith who said that also said there are some functions that still have to provided by governments . No country in the world actually trades on a free market basis.

And as it is we live in a society thats based on coersion, our rights are being eroded every year, as our rights get eroded and we are disempowered we lose that sense that we are in control of our lives and that causes all sorts of social problems , and the jails reflect this.

The only answer is to take out the competitive nature of the way we produce goods (do business) and the ability to own that profit made at others expense.

How can any party seriously stand on any platform unless they can address all of the issues and without growing the economy . If they can not reform corporate companies or the media or the education system they do not have any chance.

This is called reforming the system , then politicians are incapable and need to be eliminated from the system along with the corporations.

A Revolution

Another world is possible , through organising in our local communities